A pair of design junkies, an appreciation for old world techniques, & a desire to create individual products that ooze personality led to the birth of Printsmith.

Our designs are created & executed in our Sydney based studio, but our influences come from all corners of the world. We aren't interested in large product runs or excess. Our ranges are small so if you have one of our creations living at your place, you can relish the fact that only a finite number exist.

The two designers behind this venture have shunned the idea of perfection in place for character, charm and individuality. This aesthetic fits with Printsmith’s approach to making hand made products and using materials that can be recycled, reclaimed or leave a small footprint on the planet. Never satisfied with resting on a single technique, Printsmith draws inspiration from their collective backgrounds in textile design, industrial design, product experience, wood crafting, digital media and film. What does all this add up to? An explosion of ideas that have finally found their way into an expression of functional objects which continue to evolve. Oh, and needless to say they love paint.

Printsmith makes its mark using various screenprinting techniques on wood and natural textile fibres. There is an obvious respect for industrial objects of old which are the subject of many of the designs. This combined with textures that appear to have withstood the bruising and battering of time reflect the beautiful patina of materials as they age and distress
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