Care instructions

We are designers of many different products which use different base materials. For that reason there are different care instructions for the different product lines we design. Care instructions also accompany each product despatched. If you are unsure about anything, drop us a line and we will provide you with a response.  For our an overview on how to care for the base materials we typically use, see below:



Timber is a natural product and will naturally wear and develop character over time. While our serving boards are sealed and protected with a natural food safe oil we would recommend not leaving oily food items on the board for extended periods as the timber will eventually absorb some oil. To keep your board in the best shape we also suggest the following:  

- Cleaning:  Wipe with a damp cloth. Do not place your board in the dishwasher as the chemicals will strip the natural oils in the timber. For stains, place lemon and salt on your board and leave for a little while. Then scrub lightly with some baking soda and water and rinse off. Never submerge your board in water for long periods.  


    • - Cutting: Our boards are intended to be used for serving rather than chopping, however you can certainly cut on our boards. Like any timber product, your board will develop cut marks over time which can add to the character.  
          • - Maintenance: To keep your board looking healthy and vibrant we suggest oiling your board once or twice a year with orange oil, walnut oil or food grade mineral oil.
        • Cotton/Linen/Hemp Cushions
          • Our cushions are typically made of natural fibres. Our designs are heat cured and each cushion is scotch-guarded. We recommend gentle hand washing techniques rather than machine washing.  After washing, press the cushion back into shape with a hot iron.


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